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JBR on Mt. Eden

Dave and Sumit on Mt. Eden .. What a difference...

...flash makes!

Try Portuguese ... Despite these signs surrounding the crater atop Mt. Eden,...

At Dusk from Mt. Eden

Return of the Jedi ... take that Starbucks (Even though there's 8...

Kindred Spirits

The Sky Tower - At 328m the tallest structure in the Southern...

After almost not getting on the flight in Melbourne because of a question over my Visa (Australian immigration sorted it out in no time!) I arrived in Aukland and checked into a hostel outside the city center in Mt. Eden called the Oaklands Lodge. I was lucky to get my own room for two nights at the normal dorm price. Because they were so booked, they sold a bed in a twin room (2 beds usually sold together)and someone never checked in for the other...Sweet...I love this place.

I met several great people straight away, Dave Cook from the UK, and Sumit Chugh from India. Dave is on a gap year after finishing college, and Sumit has been working in NZ for 4 months doing various IT projects. We all took a hike up Mt. Eden to eat some pizza and check out the city.

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