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Mossman River

The Australian East coast

Big Spider


Rainforest (2)

The beach

The mangroves

This portion of the trip turned out to be really bizarre. Not a great part but none the less an interesting section.

It started in the pouring rain while I waited for a bus to take me north to Cape Tribulation. We drove north to Port Douglas and then to Mossman gorge. At this point we stopped for a walk through the rainforest. When we were walking back to the bus one of the passengers wasn't paying attention and ended up continuing off somewhere so we were stuck waiting for an hour while the bus driver tracked her down. We then continued on and stopped along the Daintree river where we had a river cruise. On the cruise we saw crocs, snakes, birds and mangroves. It felt like the jungle cruise at Disneyland. We finished the cruise and then took a ferry across the river to Cape Tribulation. When I arrived at the hostel, which was a really crappy dump, I had the wind taken out of my sails. I found out that due to high winds, the full moon and who knows what else, the Rum Runner trips out to the Great Barrier Reef had been cancelled. This was shit because this was the whole reason I planned an extended trip to Cape Tribulation. I had booked airline tickets because I had planned on seeing the reef at this time, had I known this wasn't going to happen I could have delayed the re-booking. Anyways I called the bus line and they said I could come back a day early, but I would not be refunded my second night at Cape Trib. I thought this was a fair trade.

The next day came, I packed up my stuff and then hung out on the beach and in the rain forests. This is a world heritage area for a reason, but I was anxious to get out. I was ready to board the bus at the end of the night and got a shock. My bus ride home was not possible, apparently the bus was full. I was staying here for my second night and would not be seeing the Great Barrier Reef. It was very disappointing but I had to get over it. I spent that night and the next day waiting for the bus, I really wanted to get out of there.

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