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Levi, such a cutie!

Miss Jasmine, doing a little dance for grandma, love her so much!...

Son Larry took this shot hanging on the scaffolding on the side...

Larry at work, I hate this! Makes me nervous, lol...

Well, we've finally made a decision. We are going to head to Arizona on Tuesday and will be staying on the Colorado River at Willow Beach for at least the next two weeks & possibly for a month. It keeps us close to Mom in case she needs us which gives us comfort. But in addition to that, fuel costs are very high in California as are most of the camping options. The beach sites we were considering are $60 per night & that's way more than our budget allows, especially when we're looking for a monthly option. Willow Beach has 29 sites and offers a nightly, weekly & monthly rate and on the plus side, the facilities are just one year old. We actually stopped by there several months ago to check it out & liked what we saw. Each site has full hookups, a table & a bbq pit. There is a marina, a convenience store & a laundry facility. And a nice place to launch our Sea Eagle Paddleski for fishing & boating. Hopefully we'll catch some nice trout! So, we're happy with our decision & now that it's made are looking forward to getting there.

Tomorrow the kids are coming over for a last visit & to have dinner together. We'll sure miss them while we're gone but we are stopping back by for a few days before we do a final departure for the summer. Miss Jasmine is such a joy & blessing to us & makes us laugh every time we see her. And Levi, well what can I say! Levi has now got his helmet off & is doing great! Tawnia wrote a wonderful post for Facebook & I know she won't mind if I share parts of it with you. So here goes:

"Well, I went to bed last night in tears of joy and praise as I laid there holding my baby boy (yes, I took my sleeping baby out of his crib for my own personal cuddling enjoyment), as I laid there, feeling his sweet soft skin and velvety hair on my cheek, tears just streamed down my face. I laid there in disbelief that he will NEVER have to wear that helmet again and my cup just overflowed! And when I woke up this morning, it wasn't just a wonderful dream, it was STILL OFF!! I feel like I'm doing something wrong by forgetting to put it on him or something but no, GOD IS JUST THAT GOOD!! And just SO faithful, and SO merciful, and SO wonderful, and well, I could be here all day! I LOVE YOU Lord! Thank you for healing my son! And thank you for your continued healing on him. And thank you for giving me the strength to get through this and showing me that your faithful words are so true...that I CAN do ALL things with YOU who gives me strength! Thank you for making me a better and stronger person through this experience! Thank you! OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD!"

MEDICALLY: the sides of his skull have not grown back in yet, the top has, but I guess that's not uncommon for the sides take much longer. There was some talk about the possibility of them not regenerating and more surgery needed to actually add bone back in but God has brought us this far and I'm not going to worry about it. The Dr said he will see us in 4 months & he expects to see some bone regeneration then & then four months after that, they should hopefully be growing in well. That's what I believe too! Thank you all so much for your prayers and support through this, they truly mean SO MUCH! I think we're on the home stretch now! :)

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