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Annie Oakley getting a cleaning in Greenville, OH

Mennonite Dad and daughter riding a tractor through town

World's largest loaf of bread in Urbana, OH

There are a bunch of people in central Ohio who don't want...

Windshield view along US 36

Traffic jam entering Marysville, OH

Back in Delaware

Smiley faces along US 36

Barn quilts in Ohio

Winnie and the neighbors at Cross Creek Camping Resort

We pretty much followed US 36 today to end the day back in Delaware, Ohio that is, this afternoon. Delaware is a small city in central Ohio. It was named after the Delaware Indian Tribe which was also called the Lenape. Their ancestral home land was the Delaware River basin in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and Delaware. They eventually moved west to Ohio as European settlements pushed them out of their ancestral lands in the 18th Century. In addition to Delaware there are a couple of other cities, Newark, Dover, and Wilmington, which are namesakes of those cities in the state of Delaware.

We passed through Greenville, OH where there is a statue of Annie Oakley. She was born near Brock, OH, and is buried there, but Greenville has adopted her as a daughter. As a result they erected a larger than life statue of Annie on a little plaza on the main street of the town. It was undergoing a pressure washing today as we passed. For the younger people who read the journal, Annie Oakley was a sharpshooter who performed with Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West Show.

In Urbana, OH we went on a hunt for the World’s Largest Loaf of Bread. Most of these Roadside Attractions have been relatively easy to find. The loaf of bread was hidden behind some trucks next to a loading dock. I had to get out of Winnie and walk back to the dock. I’m not sure why it’s there as it’s certainly not on display. It’s seen better days with the paint faded and peeling. It looks like no one has done anything to it in a long time. There’s apparently a second big loaf several blocks away at the American Pan Company that is in much better condition than the one I saw. We didn’t got there because the street that it was on looked like a dead end.

As we entered Marysville, OH, we ran into a traffic jam on US 36. We still not sure what caused it. We decided to try to detour around it because the longer we sat the hotter it got in Winnie. We headed into a housing development thinking we would come out on the other side of the traffic jam. After riding around in circles in the development we finally made our way out somewhere down the road from the traffic jam. As long as we kept moving it stayed relatively cool inside of Winnie.

We ended the day at the Cross Creek Campground Resort outside of Delaware. It’s a pretty nice campground with wide gravel sites, a patio and picnic table for each site, and enough trees to provide some shade. It looks like they have two sections, one for seasonal campers and one for those of us that stay for shorter periods. It looks like we have one more day on the road before we get to Big Springs Farm for our mini-family reunion this weekend. Stay tuned.

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