Our Summer Serving in Homer, Alaska travel blog

Date: August 1, 2013

Tonight’s Location: Homer, AK

Weather: mostly sunny

Temperature: start 57º

High 70º

Wildlife count: Pine squirrel

Year List: 260

Birds: Northwestern Crows, Sandhill Cranes, Gadwall, Northern Pintail, Greater Yellowlegs,

It was a glorious day to walk to work. At 11am, I went with Jess on the Slough walk and served as the Sherpa for the scope. I’m glad we had it along, as the only surviving Sandhill Crane Colt and parents were in close range when we arrived on the slough; everyone got a good look. We think the others were taken by the local Bald Eagle, to feed the 3 eaglets in the nearby nest.

Around 2:30, we joined Rachel and other staff members on a weed pull. Evidently, last year when the raised grated walkway was installed on the slough, equipment was needed and the soil was disturbed. An invasive weed called Hemp Nettle often colonizes disturbed wet soil, and we certainly have a huge infestation. It pulled easily, and the 3 of us spent an hour gathering 13 huge garbage bags of weed. Afterwards, in a FWS truck, we picked up the bags and hauled them to the transfer site. It will take several more days of pulling to remove the huge amount, but we made a good dent.

A trip to the grocery garnered our needs for the week. John grilled a loin sirloin pork chop and I fried potatoes/onion/fresh garlic outdoors over the Coleman stove in our cast iron skillet. What a treat. We are both rather beat tonight, with a few sore muscles – I guess the pulling employed muscles we have not used for awhile. Pictures will follow tomorrow.

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