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The Post Office. LP insisted we visit it

Called Notre Dame, just outside the post office

Indulgence, Fudge cake for Jen, cookie and milkshake for ric (squiggly straw)

The banana slide as viewed from the ferris wheel

Other flumes in Dam Sen park as viewed from the ferris wheel

Slide exits, including the one you go forwards down.

A short 3 night stop back in the city we found quite enjoyable. We tried to go back to Dam Sen Park (both the gardens and water park this time) but they were closed on Tuesdays so we went off to the post office instead. With a few pics and an indulgent dessert we then took a look at the History Museum (non-war). Fitting in all the things we missed last time.

Today we managed to get into Dam Sen Park, although it was eerily empty, non-moving bumper cars, a still merry-go-round and all with employees waiting for visitors. The ticket seemed cheap at first, but then all rides etc needed additional payment, so we only went on the ferris wheel, which gave us a good view of HCMC and the water park we were going to next.

Because we liked it so much and it was next door to the park, we went swimming again, but this time wth a camera. No action shots, but more people this time, so it seemed more friendly, even if it was quite a grey day.

Tomorrow we aim for Dalat with our newly purchased "Open ticket". We have 1 month to get to Hanoi (longer then we plan to need)

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