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The start of the descent into The Gorge in Watkins Glen State...

View of The Gorge from high.

View from the bottom of The Gorge.

Flower along stream.

Another flower.

Yet another flower.

View along the steam.

Some of the small waterfalls.

The Gorge.

Another view of The Gorge.

Gorge goer.

Gorge flower.

Gorge flower with insect.

Yellow flowers in The Gorge.

Waterfall view.

Small waterfalls

Small waterfalls with larger one on left.

One more waterfall.

Waterfall viewer.

Another waterfall viewer.

Largest waterfall in The Gorge.

Nice yellow flower at end of gorge.

Sampler of a group of smooth beers. The dark one on the...

Prepped food ready for grilling for the quesadillas.

Grilled peppers and onions.

Sliced and ready for assembly.

Work in progress.

Final grilling.

Good eats! : )

August 10 – Watkins Glen State Park and Quilt Store Visits

We chose to hike in The Glen in the Watkins Glen State Park in Watkins Glen, NY. The trek was 1.5 miles through a gorge with 19 waterfalls. Fortunately, my favorite companion suggested that we start at the high end of the gorge to walk down. There are 832 stair steps which we descended while most of the others used the steps to ascend. There were a lot of exhausted and perspired folks exiting the gorge as we entered. : ) We took the shuttle back to the top when we exited the gorge.

We viewed a quilt shop in Watkins Glen when we headed up to the top of the gorge. On the way down the hill, we visited the shop to pick up a few select items for future quilts etc. : )

After spending some time back at our RV with the pups, we headed back to Watkins Glen for dinner at the Rooster Fish Brewing Brewpub. We sampled some smooth brews along with my sautéed shrimp over bowtie pasta with artichokes, tomatoes and garlic in an ale sauce and Kathleen’s bauernwurst sausage, charbroiled and served with braised sweet and sour red cabbage and nut brown mustard on their malt roll. : ) One of the best sandwiches that Kathleen as ever tasted. Boy, was it good!

Tomorrow, we will visit Ithaca to tour Cornell, Buttermilk Falls and Taughannock Falls.

As a follow-up, our meal in the RV last night was grilled chicken and vegetable quesadillas which Kathleen prepped and I prepared. Before grilling, the meat and veggies were covered in olive oil that had been boiled with diced garlic . We will have this again. ;)

One of our friends sent this website to us that contains wonderful photos and insightful versus.

Interesting and Perspective Thoughts and Great Photos

Have a great day.

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