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We decided to spend all day on the beach today as we hadn't really had any sunshine or sea action yet!

We got down to the Sailing Club Sun Loungers at about 10am (which was pretty empty compared to when we had been there the previous arvo's) and bagged ourselves position A!

We had a bit of a dip in the sea (Which was beautiful!) and then caught some brecko at the sailing club.

Em had pancakes and fruit and I went for the omalette. Both were gorgeous!

The we had a bit of a sun bath, had another swim and then sunbathed some more.

Time for lunch then!

We had something to eat at a bar just down the road which was lubbily but it was about this time that me and Em noticed that we had caught a little bit more sun than we had first thought!!

We sat in the shade down on the beach for another hour and then headed on back to the hotel at about 3ish.

We both had 3rd degree burns!!

We didn't do a lot that night except for cry ourselves to sleep.

All you could here was intermitent weeping followed by sizzle of tears hitting our skin....

To be fair it's taken us nearly 2 months to get got though which ain't bad for a couple of pastey's like us is it!?!?


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