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Peter building an Ikea bed

One of numerous stuffed animals at the RV show

Ish, Connie and the RVOABC's member

Peter & I after he told me I was the 'apple of...

Kites flying on Crescent Beach, White Rock BC

Crescent Beach - tide is WAY out

More kites

The dock in the distance

Heidi, Peter and Cyril

You can see forever

Arbutus tree - sheds it bark not the leaves

Connie standing on the beach

Connie, Cyril and the Monkey Puzzle tree

Doesn't everyone see a Peacock stroll the city streets?

Patti, Brent and Peter with Brent's awesome motorbike

Tante Annemarie and Tante Anita

Hi friends,

We had plans to leave for the mainland last Tuesday, Mar 16. The day before I get a phone call for an interview! We already had plans – so I asked for the earliest time – it was 7:30 a.m.! I went for the interview and we still got to Nanaimo for the 10:30 a.m. ferry. Not bad.....

We headed to the mainland to pick up a single bed for Irene (my ex-mom-in-law) from Ikea. I have a picture of Peter in the bed frame putting it together for her. He really was enjoying himself. On Wednesday we visited with son Jon, it was his 34th birthday. We had a really nice visit.

The next day we headed towards Chilliwack for the huge RV show. While there we enrolled in the RVOABC (the Recreation Vehicle Owner’s Association of British Columbia). While standing there with the wife of the president of the association we meet “Ish”. Ish is a very talented musician, singer, storyteller and comedian – clown. He decides that we must be pretty nice people who can handle a joke. We say sure! He takes out the balloons and makes me a very nice flower. Then he proceeds to encourage me to wear the clown nose. Peter and I both can’t believe I actually did this – and in front of all the people walking by! Then he makes an apple out of a balloon and has Peter go down on his knees and recite a long poem – ending with Peter handing me the apple as he says I am the ‘apple of his eye’. Very romantic.....if it wasn’t for the red nose. As you can see we did have a fun day wondering around the RV show. We saw numerous new RVs and we also saw stuffed animals all over – hence the photo of Peter with the grey wolf.

The next few days found us staying with my cousin Heidi and her husband Paul in Langley. We took a trip to Crescent Beach (near White Rock) to walk the dog and ourselves. It was a cool but sunny day and we took a few photos along the way. The tide was very very low – you could have walked out forever and stayed dry. A great beach for sunbathing – in warmer weather of course. It was spring break and children were out flying kites, building sandcastles and just enjoying the sunny day. We saw eagles flying overhead as we stopped for our ice cream cones (we had to refuel after all the walking). We took photos of the Arbutus and Monkey Puzzle trees as well.

Heidi was showing us were her son just purchased a home in Surrey and as we drive down the road she tells us about their resident peacock that wanders the sidewalks every day. No one knows where he lives or who owns him – he just wanders around on his daily stroll. Luckily we had the chance to take his photo too. This trip to the mainland was an eating visit. You wonder what I mean by that? Well, we had a breakfast meeting with friends Bob & Marion as well as a lunch meeting with friends Patti and Brent. We also met with two of my aunts (my mother's sisters) – Tante Annemarie and Tante Anita and my uncle Klaus for a snack of homemade cakes. After that we headed to the Spaghetti Factory for a nice dinner out with Heidi and Paul. It seemed that every time we turned around we were meeting with someone over a meal. To say we didn’t lose any weight in spite of the exercise and walks - well at least we didn’t gain either!

Once again it is nice to be home – got back on Sunday night - just in time for Monday's exercise class (have to work off all the food we ate). Even though the weather wasn’t hot, I still have managed to sit outside on the swing reading and just watching the ocean – such a peaceful experience. Today Peter was outside talking with the campground managers and a few of our neighbours. He comes back inside to let me know that they mentioned that we were away and they had no idea where we were or when we were returning! They asked around the campground and no one else knew either. I had thought of mentioning it to them before we left but totally forgot. It does feel good to know that everyone around here cares enough to be concerned if we are not home. It makes us feel like we are surrounded by family - a nice feeling. Especially today - since this is the day my Mother would have turned 71……

Hope you have a great week, till next time, Peter & Connie

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