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Helen in Chinatown

More of Chinatown, Melbourne.

Gareth's new bling phone cover with the Snoop Dogg colours!

Check out the bling!

Helen in Downtown Melbourne, in front of the Southbank

Downtown Melbourne.

Gareth in Melbourne.

Gareth - waiting for something to happen...

Gareth at Federation Square

Helen at Federation Square

Helen at Federation Square, by the church.

Helen in Melbourne

Gareth in Downtown Melbourne

Southbank, Melbourne.

Down on the riverbank in Melbourne.

Helen at the winery.

Helen with Jenny, a friend we met in Melbourne.

Badger Weir, about 20 km east of Melbourne.

Badger Wier, a park we stopped at on the way back to...

Badger Wier

Views of The Yarra Valley

Another Yarra Valley vineyard

Yarra Valley - about 40km east of Melbourne


Greetings from Melbourne. It's a great city, we're really falling for it. Check out the photos - tell us what you think!

The hostel we are staying at is very expensive, but on the flip side it has lots of freebies, so it is our policy to cane them as much as possible. This means free tours and pickups!

One of those free tours is a vineyard tour, which we did today. The 'winery', which we went to today, is located in the Yarra Valley, to the east of the city. Located in the town of Healesville, the winery was small and they didn't have that many samples to show us! However it was free so we made the most of it!!

After that we headed back in to the city, where we had a tour, which showed us some of the landmarks. Melbourne is huge, with 3,000,000 habitants (about the size of Birmingham).

In the evening we spent time in the hostel's 'RooBar' (how cheesy!) meeting more of the travellers at the hostel.

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