Ben and Kirsteen's World Trip 2005/6 travel blog

K relaxing in the gorge

A strenous canoe

K walking up a waterfall

B with some interesting rock formations

K becoming one at Nature's Window

Looking back to the Z Bend

Up close to the parrots

A stupid bird...and a cockatoo

K: In Kalbarri we finally got to do some canoeing, although 6km was more than I had bargained for. We also were part of a tour and so had some competitive males types with us - sigh, and so we found ourselves racing along which is fine for Ben but I am not a seasoned canoeist and I thought my arms would drop off!

Our guide was called Davo and had his name embroidered on his shirt. He was good though and led us out of the gorge not along your typical path but directly up and along a dried up waterfall which was great fun and a bit more interesting than a typical tour.

We also went to the Rainbow Jungle, which breeds endangered species of parrots, cockatoos and exotic birds. I've never been a big fan of birds but some of their colours were amazing, like a naturally occuring baby pink cockatoos and some African parrots worth $8000 a pair. Some of them could say "hello" and make other noises like a siren. Ben also persuaded me to shake hands with a particularly friendly cockatoo, which is fine until you try and get your hand back - they are very strong and have sharp claws and don't do it!

B: Kalbarri is a really pleasant town where people own holiday/retirement homes in a beautiful surroundings and live a trouble-free life. It was a nice place to stop for a few days but I'm sure it would eventually drive you mad with its niceness.

After our physical exploits, we decided that we'd need a good feed so we headed down to Finlays Fish BBQ which is a local legend. Here, there is no service, you have to bring your own wine and glasses and the staff take the piss out of you. You come for the food which is mountains of fresh fish, seafood and steak at very reasonable prices. The atmosphere was friendly and there was even a fire to sit around after eating. After all that food all we could manage to do was sleep.

The next morning we walked out to the mushroom - an underwhelming piece of eroded rock. The walk was lovely and the weather was fine. There was no-one else about and we saw lots of plants and wildlife including a particularly large kangaroo hopping up the rocky cliffs.

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