Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

View from Glenn's front yard

Camping in luxury

We left Rob and Vicki's and took a short drive to my brother Glenn's fabulous home on the water in Pasadena MD. Watched some sports and grilled chicken for dinner while Shirley did the salad and rice. This is a beautiful home right on the water. We are all so happy for Glenn to be in his dream home. Here are the stats from our trip as we reached another monthly milestone 10/7 our 19th. As you know I have broken our trip into years to make it a bit easier on me for counting purposes for most categories. So far on the entire trip we have logged 43,090 miles, 13,797 in year two. Lodging costs have been $3,125 with savings from our camping clubs of $905. We have had an incredible 98 free nights in year two or 54.21% of them. The average nights stay calculated with the free nights is $14.60 ($15.33 with tax Don).We have spent $4,211.06 on diesel fuel at an average price per gallon of $3.989 and averaged 13.06 MPG. We have spent $1,723 on fun stuff with $110 in savings mostly on AAA discounts etc. We average roughly 36 visitors per day to our blog. At times there are as many as 60 or so of you and at times in the low 20s and we THANK YOU for your interest. We have, by the way visited with 247 different people over the course of our 19 months. No one is counted twice and campground acquaintances are not counted unless we have made plans to visit these folks again somewhere else on our trip. Thanks so much for all who have taken us in and let us camp in your driveways and yards. Thanks to 8 Walmarts so far along the way too and believe it or not free campgrounds. We have so enjoyed our trip that we now have decided to stay out until at least our 2 year anniversary. We are going to do another NOMAD project just after Thanksgiving in Alabama for 3 weeks restoring a UMC Church devastated by the tornadoes of two springs ago. We have a work project at Darci's house in Georgia after that. Then we plan on hanging out in North Florida St. Augustine and Jacksonville. This is good work if you can get it. Enjoy the pics.

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