Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Permission to come aboard sir

Real Bow Figureheads

I didn't realize they weren't ALL half naked women

Beautiful day on the water

Dories bobbin'

Fishing boat of the day

Rope makin'

Sail makin'

Barrel makin'

Fittings makin'

Welcome aboard

Shiver me timbers

Ey, Ey Capt'n

The Gillette Castle

Another view

Yet another

Grand Hall

Sun room

Main fireplace



Can't you just see Sherlock and Watson


Come this way

Gillette's boudoir

Right on the Connecticut River

Complete with ferry

Watson, come quickly

We packed up camp and headed out for day number two at the Mystic Seaport Village. The weather was beautiful and a high tide to boot upon our arrival. We went into all the exhibits and boarded the ships we didn't’t have time for the day before. Had lunch at the village and just walked the grounds until we had seen it all. Next we took off toward Middletown CT where our niece Kari lives but we had a planned stop on the way and what a wonderful surprise awaited us. The Gillette State Park and Castle is in East Haddam CT. Never heard of it? Well neither had I but Shirley’s sister told her about it after Kari took them to it. William Gillette was a huge star of the stage in the late 1800’s. He made millions with his most frequent role playing Sherlock Holmes. He built this castle with secret passageways, mirrors to spy on his guests and designed to be intriguing. We have been in bigger, more ornate castles in the 1000 Islands but none perhaps as neat. The scene is beautiful right on the Connecticut River and is a must see if you are ever in this area. Kari’s work schedule did not allow us to see her for dinner so we drove on 10 miles to our 8th Walmart night. Enjoy the pics.

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