Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Calvary UMC

Rev. Dr. Amy

Part of the community garden

Mostly harvested

Harvesting what is left

One of two hot houses

Mystic Seaport


Old schooner that once was used to run the Union blockade of...

The working harbor

Exact replica of the Nantucet Light House we picniced at last week

This is a neat place

On the decks of the last remaining whaling ship which is in...

Making her seaworthy by next summer

Below deck

At the entrance

What a powerful day it was yesterday. We had our choice of United Methodist Churches to attend and we decided on Calvary UMC in Middletown near to our campground. We packed up in the rain (we got to use our full rain gear)and headed off. During the greeting time of the service I introduced myself to the Rev. Dr. Amy Alletzhauser (Amy) and told her we were NOMADS. She was greatly impressed knowing about NOMADS and asked if we would feel comfortable later in the service to tell the congregation of our experience. Of course that is an easy one for me. The time came and we got up with the mic and told our NOMAD story. When we were done Amy had the congregation stand in the isle and lay their hands on us and each other and prayed for our continued good works and safety. WOW!!! was that ever powerful. Amy needed to shorten her sermon due to the unexpected time we took BUT her sermon was based on scripture from the Books of Esther and Mark. One of the main points was why are each of us here in this Church today at this moment. Additionally, we need to get out of our comfort zone and off our seats "butts" and go out and serve the Lord in some fashion. We were blown away. She did not know we were coming to this Church today but honestly we believe God did and used us as an example of showing there are many ways in which one can serve. OUTSTANDING. This Church also has a community garden. What is so special about it is three Churches participate in taking care of this huge "industrial" year round garden. With hot houses they produce all year and send the produce to shelters, people in need, etc. They grow beautiful flowers that are used to brighten peoples days in the community who need a little cheering. One fantastic Church. Thanks Amy for your leadership and support of us. We did manage to move on after the fellowship hour to Mystic Connecticut. We wanted to see the historic Mystic Seaport Village a working seaport still but a village that looks like it was back from the 1800's when three masted schooners ruled the waterways. The day turned sunny and we had about two hours before closing time. It is a very interesting place and nothing you can see in a couple of hours. We don't have far to travel today so we are going back this morning to complete this adventure. Personal note today would be my brother Merrill's 68th birthday. RIP Bubba. Thanks for reading this longer than normal blog and enjoy the pics.

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