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Cindy below a wood stork

a couple that just consummated their relationship!

the group used to be much bigger

Joan and an airboat

found my Roseate!

under the mangroves looking up


3 species in one picture!

Roseate flew to top

quick pic of red-shouldered hawk

The launch site to get to the rookeries on the Peace River is in a tiny town called Liverpool which is halfway between Punta Gorda and Arcadia.

We used to see very many birds at the rookery but today we saw only a few wood storks. We moved on to another rookery and there I saw in the mangrove island a fleeting glimpse of a Roseate Spoonbill and a few herons. Most of the others only saw the wood storks in the branches up high.

After I was finished shooting pictures, I came out of the mangroves and didn't see or hear anyone. I paddled around the island, but found no one. I called Nancy and the group of 6 headed back without me! Nancy thought she saw me when they were going back but I sure didn't see her! I didn't know how to get back so she gave me a direction and paddled back to meet me. Mary Gay and Joan knew where I was but both assumed, along with Cindy, my passenger, that I was with the other people. Apparently, they didn't paddle back as a group!

I hope these pictures show why I was looking for birds besides the wood storks!

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