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A classic Saskatchewan Grain Elevator

Fields of Hay Rolls

August 18th

Last night was hot and humid and here I thought we were moving into fall type weather with fleeces etc. We travel the Trans Canada but only as far as Portage la Prairie then head west on Hwy 16 the Yellow Head highway towards Riding Mountain National Park. We didn’t realise that the campground at the south end of the park is huge (over 700 sites!) and it was packed with lots of young families making the most of one of the last weekends of the summer. Lots of dogs and children; sites are crammed with boats, bikes, floatees, toys, coolers, towels etc. strewn all over the place. I always feel sorry for the parents when it comes time to pack up. I remember the challenge of getting everything back in the car that you arrived with. It always seemed like there was so much more at the end of a camping trip.

Poor Bowie had a tough night. He was biting at wasps that flew by and was stung in the mouth for his efforts. He was a very sad looking pup after that. The night was again hot and humid but some time near morning it turned cool and we were dressed in fleeces again by the time we packed up to leave.

August 19th

It is a perfect Saskatchewan morning as we cross yet another provincial border; with big blue sky and wide open spaces as we drive out of Riding Mountain Park. The highway is poker straight and we plug into cruise control as we drive west with barely a curve in the road. Not a lot of stops today but we have enjoyed the change in scenery of the passing fields which were just planted when we drove through in mid- May and now are being harvested. We fill up with the cheapest gas we have seen on the entire trip at $1,19/L. Elinor informs us gas is $1.53/L in Victoria! Gas has been by far the biggest cost of the entire trip. I have been tracking the total in a spreadsheet but I’m not sure I want to share it with you! Perhaps at the end of the trip! We pushed ourselves and drove roughly 6 hours with stops and had some difficulty deciding where we would stay but settled on the Lions campground in Lanigan just outside of Saskatoon. Humboldt is just down the road from where we are and it isn't possible to be near here and not think about the young men and woman on their hockey team. This is the first time in a small town campground for a very long time.

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