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Our Ferry

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"We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us."

Joseph Campbell


Wiki Info Rhodes Town

Still in Sitia:

Not a hurry morning...all buses to archeological sites nearby leave at 6am and unless we just take the same but to return, there are none back until past 11am, too late for our ferry. So we buy ferry food, walk around town, then pick up our bags and head for the dock/ferry. We anticipated a fast turn around because it originated in Iraklion but getting there half hour before departure, we found a large group of school teens heading across on an outing.

Photos show loading and harbor in Sitia.

It took half hour before we got underway at noon thirty, so our concern was unwarranted.

First stop KasosWiki Info Kasos...then KarpathosWiki Info Karpathos & Halki Wiki Info Halki before finally landing in Rhodes Town at 10pm.

Once off the ferry most passengers have transport, we are the only ones walking into the old town into the totally quiet, deserted streets/'pathways' of this totally ancient city. It reminds me of Harry Potter, the old buildings, many run down/deserted, cobblestone streets. If I were of a different mind it would be downright spooky. We wander around for 1 1/2 hours 'til 11:30pm, chkg out a couple places which were not acceptable mostly for lack of sgl room w/ 3 beds. It's windy and a bit cold, we're tired and I accept responsibility for leading us into this maze in the 1st place looking for Mango Rooms (from LP recommendations). Bon has made a superior effort but finally we give up and head out of old town, catch a taxi to Hotel Anistazia (another LP recom place in new town). Taxi driver assures us it's open but after repeated knocking/buzzer ringing we give up. Bon & Mari sit down and I go off on a hunt.

Fifteen minutes later I luck upon Hotel Helena (almost out of some dreamscape it appears). The kid behind the desk says not room w/ 3 beds (later he admits it is only his 2nd day) but the, who I take to be the owner, overhears nearby (where he was serving drunk Russians more beer or?) and he comes over and quickly takes control speaking perfect w/ some accent, English. Yes, we have such a room, $40 euro w/ breakfast!! I look at the room, take it and the rest is history. And what a BREAKFAST!! It is a buffet, the biggest breakfast of our journey thus far much akin to Turkish style but also a cross w/ Anglo, w/ cereal, eggs, salads, etc. WOW! I'm in heaven and just from a shear stock of luck. Again, best laid plans...see quote by J. Campbell again.


After a GREAT breakfast buffet and loading up on extra bread for lunch, we head out to gather info and investigate our options. At this point we are looking at our timeframe for getting to Cyprus and how much time to spend there. This depends on ferry schedules which will determine how much time we have here in Rhodes. Since we now have air tickets from Cyprus to Kuwait on the 18th, it is imperative that we pin down ferry transport to Turkey (from whence we can ferry over to Cyprus - only way to get there other than fly)

Options we discover, again, are more limited in this the off season. This time, however, we do have a couple: 1) Ferry direct to Marmaris, Turkey on Saturday 2) Ferry to Kos on Sunday and then to Bodrum, Turkey on Monday. Since we decide to see more of Rhodes we opt for #2 and have tomorrow and Saturday for day trips on Rhodes.

Because these investigations have taken some considerable time, including discovering that the Tourist Info people don't have any accurate info, our day shrunk to 1/2 for discovering Rhodes Town - this was plenty enough since we spent almost 2 hours walking around old town last night, albet in the dark, ha! We ended up in a travel agency which was very helpful, and then checked out the route to the ferry dock (our ferry leaves 8:30am -Sunday).

Took a walk on the beach and yes, there were swimmers, one w/ wet suit and, brrrrr, one w/o!

The streets were quite quiet, it seems most people sit in cafe/bars mid/late afternoon drinking coffee - hot or iced. We met a group (17) of American college students outside a McDs who are studying here in a 3 month program associated with U. Conn. called 'Paideia'...2 months more, really liking it.

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