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The best RV park is sometimes your own.

We came home to perfect weather.

We towed the Oldsmobile 5,000 miles.

A few hours riding the mower put our big lawn back to...

The grass was taller over the septic tank.

It is nice to be back home in Minnesota. Hazel and I were on the road for 8 enjoyable weeks, but it was time to get back.

A few miles from home, Nuggie and Junior started to perk-up and look out the windshield with real interest. Tails started to wag, we were almost there. These two pooches really went nuts as I pulled into the driveway. But that was nothing compared to the welcoming committee of our other dogs, Lily and Buster nearly wagged themselves to death when we opened the door. Our son Jim has been taking care of them, but to the dogs it wasn't the same.

We got home on Saturday afternoon, on Sunday, I fired-up the riding lawnmower and attacked the lawn. I mow about an acre of our 5, and it was pretty tall. Four hours later, I was ready for my "senior nap".

Hazel and I will be sticking close to home this summer, working on the house, and our son Tom will be home from Rome to help out with some of the area Catholic churches. But, he'll have time to join a couple of his brothers and me on a trip to Deadwood, South Dakota to play cards, and I'm sure we'll travel up to visit friends in International Falls, and maybe spend a week or two at the Corps of Engineers campsites on the way.

Have a great summer, maybe we'll see you in an RV park somewhere, or, maybe a Walmart parking lot.

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