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Korina @ Brighton pier

'Tropical' Brighton 1

Original pier

The wind up

Direct hit!

Korina's wind up

Another direct hit!

'Tropical' Brighton 1

Dolphin race

I'm number 7 - a silver medal...

Korina and her English fish'n'chips

On the beach @ Brighton

Brighton palace 1

Brighton palace 2

Another quiet weekend, so Korina and I decided on a day trip to Brighton. Brighton is only an hour away from London on the train, and is a popular destination for people looking to get out to the coast from the big smoke. However, summer is usually the time of the year to do this, and we found out why as upon arrival as it was absolutely teeming with rain.

Luckily we had bought wet weather gear so we continued on down to the pier (despite the misleading directions from the bus driver who seemed somewhat surprised that there was actually a pier in Brighton).

Anyway, the popular activities in Brighton seem to include playing strange carney games on the pier, eating greasy fish and chips and going on puke inducing rides. I imagine that in summer Brighton must be a real 'technicolour dreamcoat', especially if you happen to be standing in the wrong place on the pier at the wrong time...

Otherwise, the beach at Brighton is absolutely terrible (for someone that has grown up in NZ that is), although I would say that I am keen to return when it is summer (i.e. when you are supposed to visit Brighton!).

A very strange day, but fun all the same...

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