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We are in "Hill Country" and as we crest one hill we...

It is spring and the trees are filling out

Traveling through Fredricksburg

Old western town with a German flare

There are always goats mixed in with other livestock

Texas Paintbrush wildflowers

Fields of wildflowers

Multitudes of Blue Bonnets everywhere

Blue Bonnets along the hill country roads

This is actually a creek called Sandy Creek that we were crossing

This field of white is Prickly White Poppies

Multicolored fields

Black Rock Park on Buchanan Lake, part of the Lower Colorado River....

John has a new truck to pull his Teton RV

Buchanan Lake

Texas Turkey Vulture

Colorful campground

Texas Paintbrush flowers around our campsite

Texas Paintbrush

Blue Bonnets

Indian Blanket

Prickly White Poppy

Today we traveled on rural hilly roads up to Buchanan Lake which the Texans procounce "BUCK cannon". We are going to visit friends from Silent Valley Club in California, John & Sharon Ess. They were full-timing before us, teaching us what we needed to know about full timing.

John & Sharon are working as campground hosts at Black Rock Park on Buchanan Lake. They maintain the cabins and restrooms and take care of the reservations and bookkeeping of their camp and another camp on the other side of the lake. Helping them is another California Silent Valley Club couple (we are everywhere!), Bob & Sharon.

We went through Fredricksburg, a quaint German themed town with shops & bakeries, but didn't stop. We saw ranches along the way and multitudes of Blue Bonnet wildflowers (the Texas State Flower) and many other colorful wildflowers of the Texas Hill Country.

Our campsite was surrounded by brilliant Texas Paintbrush flowers and as I walked around the park I found many other varieties of wildflowers.

As we approached the ranger station to check in, John came out, then his helper Bob. But then we had a big surprise, the third person to step out was another friend from Silent Valley Club who also has a Freightliner. Larry did more than a double take, probably a triple take when he saw Tim. Everyone had a good laugh. Tim was nearby, in San Antonio, on business and drove up for the day. We all enjoyed dinner together that night at John & Sharon's campsite.

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