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Our recovery brecko/brunch/lunch! We hadn't really eaten the day before so this...

We felt rather tender as expected this morning!

We were meant to meet Naffi down on the beach at 9am this mornin but seeing as we didn't wake up until 12 we met her a little later!

I think we finally made it down to the beach at about 2/3ish!

She had been down there all day in the shade feeling sorry for herself as well so we didn't miss anything!

She left at about 5 as she had to catch her coach up the coast to Hoi An. We may meet her there though as it's our next destination aswell.

It was quite quiet after she left so we wandered back to the hotel, polished off he rest of our breakfast pizza and then crashed out early.

Not as young as we used to be man!!!


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