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Believe it! We actually went here.

An antique of many restored hearses in the museum

A really old hearse

After the Snow White movie was released, there was a run on...

There was a wonderful story behind this funeral bus... the one and...

A proof set of money was the covering on this unique coffin

A story is behind this three person coffin...

The hearse of Pope John Paul II

Coffins with unique designs

A wooden carved hearse

A horse drawn sled hearse

A silk embroidered coffin

Houston, Texas from Interstate 45

The public transportation system of Houston

The Holocaust Museum of Houston

The children of the holocaust reflective garden

This was an actual railroad car that took the people to the...

Inside of the railroad car

We finally made it out of Texas after three days of driving

Lake Charles, Louisiana

Bill heads for the Back Yard Burgers Restaurant

California Trip -- Day 20

We are nearing the end of our trip and wanted to take some time to see several sights in Houston that we didn't get to see on the way out.

Our first stop in the morning was to the National Museum of Funeral History. read that correctly... This place was the coolest place I think I have ever been. It was a museum totally devoted to the art of the funeral. It contained hearses, unique coffins, and other things that are related to the funeral. There was a traveling exhibit about the death of Pope John Paul II and the whole exhibit was in regards to the burial and funeral of a Pope. Ironically, the theme of the entire museum was "Any day above ground is a good day."

We then went to the Houston Holocaust Museum. What a contrast to the tongue in cheek of the funeral museum. The Holocaust Museum was a very solemn place. It was full of the stories, artifacts, and memories of the holocaust. There was much to read and much information to digest. We spent a long time there reading and being quiet at the enormity of the atrocity. There were no picture taking allowed in the museum. What a history!

We then hit the road. We made it as far as Baton Rouge, Louisiana before deciding to stop for the evening. We are going to try to make the rest of the trip tomorrow.

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