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Well here we are!

Three hours ago we touched down in sun-kissed Melbourne, in the south of the state of Victoria. There's loads to do here, so tomorrow we're going to get on the case with organising stuff. We have no idea how we are going to get around this massive country... we know that it's going to be a lot of fun!

Tomorrow we are already booked in on a winery (vinyard) tour. Well... we tried New Zealand wine, now it's time to try Oz wine!

We're staying at a hostel called BAKPAK, which Helen's sister recommended. Well it's huge! We've not stayed in a hostel this big yet and it's a lot to deal with. You could say it's hostel-a-rama! We like it though. It's a little expensive though ($27 a night for a dorm, $70 for a twin) so we'll probably move on tomorrow. There's a BASE backpackers in St. Kilda, so I think we're going to head out that way.

It's wierd... it doesn't feel like OZ yet... it's very green, like Christchurch. Lots of grass and trees. We'll have to see!

Nieghbours tour soon too. + a Nieghbours night out where you meet the stars of the show! The word on the street is that Harold is a bit of a ladies man!!!

Hehe. All good fun folks!!

Gotta go, we're suffering from mild jetlag. Our watch says 10pm but our brains says midnight :-S

Have fun!

Photos online soon folks!!

Lots of love from Helen and Gareth x x x

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