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We started our day at Bangor Photo...

Thanks girls for all the help!

Next stop, Stephen King's beautiful home...

And one of his neighbors, isn't it wonderful as well?

Check out all of the detail work above the windows & under...

A good place to dine, neat inside & good service!

The decorations just go on & on, the buffalo was talking to...

Turned out to be a laid back day after all. I worked on my computer most of the morning trying to figure out all of the differences between Vista & XP, as well as checking out some of the photo editing programs I received info on from readers. Thank you all very much. My new photo program downloads my pics way too large for mytripjournal so I am investigating the easiest way to batch resize them. Think I have it thanks to Donna & Harold. Thanks guys!

My camera has been giving me fits with spots & black streaks. So, I googled a photo shop in Bangor & it brought up Bangor Photo. Okay. So, off we went. Arriving at 4:40 I was afraid they would be in a hurry to close at 5pm & not want to be of much help. Nothing could be further from the truth. We loaded pics on to their computer so they could see the issues for themselves & after checking things out, it was decided that my sensor needed cleaning. Apparently this can be a touchy (and if messed up, expensive) job, so to avoid liability, I purchased the needed 'Rocket Gun', & with a few suggestions, used it myself, right then & there. Woohoo, it worked! I think we finally have it fixed. What a great store. If you need any camera expertise & are in their neck of the woods, I highly recommend Bangor Photo. Just ask for Julie.

Next on our to-do list, visit Stephen King's home. As it turned out, his home was literally just a couple of blocks away. Stephen Edwin King was born Sept 21, 1947 in Portland, Maine. He became a full-time writer in 1973, and after the release of "Carrie" his career more or less took off. Today he is not only the worlds leading horror writer, but also one of the most popular writers ever. His home is beautiful, as were many in his neighborhood. I had never seen architecture the likes of what we have seen back East until we began this RV adventure. Beautiful. We discussed today the amount of time that must have been involved to build these beauties. The rounded corners & windows, the trim work, the porches. It just goes on & on. No stucco jobs here!

Next stop, WalMart, for a few needed items & prescription refills. A bit of a glitch there. Apparently the state of South Dakota (where I had them last filled) does not forward out of state prescriptions! What? Never heard of such a thing. Apparently there are a couple of other states with the same strange rule as well. Fortunately it was early enough to call my doctor's office for a new prescription & the pharmacist was very accommodating in doing so. I left with a 3 month supply which will hold me till I get back to Vegas over the holidays. Darn high blood pressure. I keep trying to control it with diet but no such luck.

Next stop, Staples to order a stamp for our business cards. We've had so many requests for our tripjournal web address, we are going to stamp it on the back of our cards! Easier then searching for a pen & paper all the time. It's so cool that we have readers following along sharing our scenery & experiences. Makes it worth writing this everyday! So thank you...

Last stop, the Bugaboo Creek Steak House. This is an American steak house with locations in ten states. It is decorated as a hunting lodge in the Canadian Rockies , complete with talking moose, pecking woodpeckers, buffalo heads & light fixtures made from antlers. Very similar to the Outback's located out West. We splurged on filet's & had a wonderful meal.

So, a busy day with no sightseeing involved. It's still a beautiful drive, even on the road to Wal-Mart! Onyx has an appt for a bath in the morning & I am going shopping for a few winter things. The temperature is slowly changing & Fall is in the air. Think I will buy a couple of sweaters. It will probably be Thursday before we go to Ft Knox. And we plan to head on down the road Friday morning. We'll see, might be Saturday.

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