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We're off to Ushuaia today and wake up to a covering of snow.

After filling in some time on the internet, we get a taxi to the airport (28 pesos is the set price) and the taxi driver is already expressing some uncertainty as to whether we will be able to fly today.

At the check-in desk, the prognosis is that, if it stops snowing for long enough, we'll be able to fly. We spend a long time waiting around at the airport. The flight is due to leave at 12:33 but the time keeps getting put forward. Eventually it stops snowing and there is hope - the flight is scheduled for 15:30 and sets off about 15:45.

We take a taxi to the centre of town to look for lodging and, after some disagreement with the driver over the fare which is settled by the intervention of a seemingly influential local man, we wander round town seeking some accommodation.

Finally we find the Amanecer de la Bahia and settle a room for 50 pesos a night with shared bathroom ... it's very clean and warm.

A lot of the restaurants seem to be closed tonight, but we find a tenedor libre and help ourselves to a nice buffet ...

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