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The tree top walk!


It's a long way down

No problem!

Reach out and touch someone

A wee hole in the tree

What crazy animal lives in there?

Did you push that over?

It's huge!

The lady who looks after orphans

What are you lookin at? (baby Emu)

The other kind of Emu


Nerves of steel

Hello up there

Squish you like a bug

that's all there was...

Are you going up or down?


75 Metres!!!

Text to follow...


Day 4 was another adventure completely. It started with a drive along the coast again to the Natural Bridge, (picture for this one is in the next entry- whoops!), The Gap and the Blowholes at Frenchman's Bay. Onto Denmark, (yes, there is a Denmark in SW Australia!) and onto the Valley of the Giants - a highlight of the trip for sure! Here we did a tree-top walk above all the towering Tingle trees. The bottoms were as spectacular as the tops. You really felt on top of the world. At the bottom, we dandered through the trees - literally and visited a lady there who was looking after orphaned roos and emus. She was there feeding a wee kangaroos as we tried our photographic luck with this wee emu baby.

Onwards to Pemberton where we tested our nerves again at the Bi-centennial Tree. As you can see, Health & Safety haven't found this little tourist number yet. What you see there with the iron rods sticking out of the tree was what you got. There was a very flimsy wide chicken wire around your back but I'm afraid if you slipped on one of those steps, the wire wouldn't really break your 75 metre fall!!! We made it to the half way point where we started to feel the tree sway from side to side. Apparently at the top, the tree can move up to 1.4 m either way! No thank you! People looked pretty small from where we were standing already. What an experience...a definite high for both of us.

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