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a view I like

a gator's paradise

I see you but most people don't

on a bridge on Loop Road

a couple saw that gator - it growled and moved and they...

my new kayak

one of many blooming bromeliads

not complete without a turtle!

a whole family!

too scared to walk that alone!

split second catch of that mating call

hawk overhead - pretty

a true swamp and creek

on a mission - soft-shelled turtle

crow and hawk in same tree

taken from inside the car!

Today's big adventure took me to Big Cypress Preserve to meet Laurie and pick up a plastic kayak to use on my travels. When I take my fiberglass one, it just sits because the areas are too rocky or the rivers run too fast or other excuses. Hopefully, this takes away most of my excuses!

I stopped at the first rest stop that has a boardwalk and view of alligators. I found a green heron hiding below us.

After seeing Laurie and getting the kayak, I drove some of Loop Road - a dirt road that shows the true country of Florida. I saw gators, but also many bromeliads and air plants and cypress forests. I loved seeing the 2 red-shouldered hawks that were close to me.

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