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Orange setting sun caused by the smoke from BC

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August 17th

Things were going just a little too smoothly! We hadn’t even left the park the next morning when catastrophe number 3 (or is that 4!) happened. Bill drove over a section of road that seemed innocuous but the deep ruts in the road were placed in such a way that the van started to rock and then stuff started flying. One broken (glass) jar of peanut butter, one jar of sour onions broke open and rolled everywhere, bottles of oil dropped, a bag of rice broke open and other stuff scattered all over the place. Bowie is now terrified of all cupboards not just the pot drawer which opens mysteriously during driving (the bumps again) and now he huddles close to us and watches the back of the van like a hawk! We stank of pickled onion juice and peanut butter for the next 2 days! So much for easy morning and early start. Once on the road we crossed the border from Ontario into Manitoba and with it the landscape goes from rolling treed hills to flat prairie, just like that! Another mystery that we still don’t have an answer to is the strange signs that appear about every 100 km or so. They started in western Quebec and followed us through Ontario and now we have seen one in Manitoba, “Minnow Trap 2” with the picture of an alien in the corner of the sign. Let us know if you have any idea what this means! We plan to stay in Bird’s Hill Park in Winnipeg and as we get closer to the city the smoke hazy gets heavy. We can’t believe it is from BC wild fires but that is what the weather network says and that speaks volumes to us about the scale of the fires in BC. The orange sun set in the evening and the orange moon rose in the sky.

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