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the DC3 at the local tavern

5 hot pools to choose from in Moree c'van park

soaking up the warmth

Thursday 29th Sept - at Moree

No meaningful rain through the night just a few spits, but it is totally overcast and cool with a max of 17deg expected. Very slow start for us as we enjoy no itinerary to meet. We headed off to the shops for some groceries but diverted on the way to look at the DC3 wartime aircraft on display outside the Amaroo Tavern. The dilapidated state of the aircraft was appropriately matched by the state of the tavern barn we went through to gain access to the DC3. It doesn’t look at if anyone has cleaned the bar in months (or perhaps years) - totally put us off any thought of a pub meal.

After we put the groceries away and had some lunch while the drizzle continued together with the wind, we all had a couple of hours resting and reading. Then it was time for a batch of RonP’s scones to be put to the test. Yum! Now we’ll head off to the warm pools to allow it all to settle, i.e. spread to the hips and other unsuitable places. Those warm pools are certainly good for making us totally relaxed. Mind you, it’s a bit of a challenge getting back to the van and showers without freezing into icicles along the way.

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