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Carpe Diem in repose at the Westminster CO Elks Lodge

Fueling locomotives near Wheatland WY

Construction on I 25 north of Cheyenne

Welcome to Colorado

Union Pacific "Big Boy" #4004 in Cheyenne WY

UP 1242 in Cheyenne

Wyoming State Capital

UP "Big Boy" #4005 in Denver CO

Bob and Big Boy #4005

Big Boy #4005 cab

Packard Touring Car

Stutz Fire Engine

Thu, 27 Aug: Another shake of the Etch-A-Sketch...

Full time RVers tend to make our plans on an Etch-A-Sketch. While on the road we have a general idea where we're going (e.g., north, south, etc.), but we must be flexible. Stuff happens, such as a three day visit to a Freightliner repair shop in La Crosse WI by our good friends Carmen & Doming Davila. In our case it was a voluntary revision.

When we woke up at the Outpost Truck Stop south of Lusk Wyoming our plans, as programmed into our GPS units, was to drive to Cheyenne and park for the nite. We originally planned to overnite at Wal*Mart, but quickly found out that they don't allow overnite parking at the Cheyenne Wally. So, Plan "B" was to overnite at a Passport America park just north of the Colorado border.

Well, that didn't quite work out...

We left Lusk about 0745 and continued south on US 83 to Lingle where we picked up US 26 west to the I 25. Then I 25 south toward Cheyenne and points south.

We stopped at the Cheyenne Pilot/Flying J for a diesel top up. We only used forty gallons, but diesel prices in Wyoming are much less than in Colorado, so we opted not to buy any diesel in Colorado.

While at the P/FJ we realized that we were only seventy or so miles from Denver. Our reason for visiting Cheyenne was to visit the railroad museum, and we realized that we could continue to Westminster (just north of Denver) and return to Cheyenne in the car for the museum visit.

A quick reprogram of the GPS units and we continued south on I 25 into Colorado. We stopped for a half hour at the Welcome Center near Fort Collins for maps and other info as well as lunch. Then Bob took the helm for the last fifty miles to Westminster. Traffic increased and the drivers became less rational as we approached the Denver metro. We exited the interstate in Westminster and followed the directions thru city streets to the Westminster Elks Lodge. Today's run was 263 miles with a tailwind-abetted 8⅔ mpg.

We arrived at the Elks Lodge a few minutes before two and Julie, the camp host, met us and escorted us to our site. We have a 30A water only site with a clear view of the sky for solar and satellite visibility. The Elks RV facility can accommodate forty rigs and it is almost full. It is centrally located and is close to all the shopping/restaurants/etc. that our hearts can desire.

Right now our plans are in flux. We want to visit with some folks we know as well as do some sightseeing. In addition to the aforementioned visit to the Cheyenne Railroad Museum we want to visit the Denver Museum Railroad and other area attractions. There is also a nearby Costco and we are long overdue for our Costco fix.

Mon, 07 Sep: Labor Day! A busy, busy week in the Denver area.

We remain at the Westminster Elks Lodge more than a week after our arrival. We've been fairly busy and elected to remain an additional week thru Labor Day. We'll try to give you the "Cliff's Notes" of our time here...

Fri, 28 Aug: Shopping at Costco, our first since Iowa. But first lunch with fellow World Cruise shipmate Michelle. Then Costco & Wally.

Sat, 29 Aug: Bob drove into Denver to consult with Sergio, fellow stamp collection enthusiast. Sandi enjoyed a lazy day at home.

Sun, 30 Aug: We drove to Cheyenne WY where we visited the Union Pacific "Big Boy" locomotive (#4004) on static display. We also did some sightseeing including the State Capital complex.

Tue, 01 Sep: Laundry day!!! What more need we say?

Wed, 02 Sep: A visit to the Forney Transportation Museum in Denver. The Forney also has a "Big Boy" (#4005) on inside display. They also have a wide variety of automotive history. We enjoyed it!

Every day we participated in Happy Hour with other visiting Elk RVers staying at the Lodge. We got to meet quite a few very nice folks and look forward to crossing paths with them down the road.

Which brings us to today. Final laundry trip and a last stop at Wally. We're back on the road tomorrow and expect to be boondocking for a week prior to our arrival in the Albuquerque area.

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