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Dong A Metis

Not much river traffic today. But as I was just finishing washing up the dinner dishes I happened to look up and see this giant going by quickly at about 13 knots. These darn things are so quiet that they have surprised me several times. They leave no wake which is shocking, especially when I see that a fast moving small fishing boat leaves quite a bit of wake! By the time I grabbed the camera and ran outside in my slippers, I'd nearly missed getting this photo.

According to the Marine traffic website, this is a vehicle carrier, and is headed to Shanghai. It's 199 meters long (about 2 football fields?) and 33 meters wide. It didn't say how tall it was, but it's the size of a small cruise ship.

PS By the way, the only boats we do hear coming, aside from noisy, fast moving fishing boats, are the tug boats. They make a thrumming sound similar to the diesel trains which are also just across the river and which sometimes are slowly backing and going forward as they disconnect and connect varying cars as they adjust what they will haul.

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