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Carpe at Thousand Trails Verde Valley

Interstate 10 in Phoenix

Leaving I 10 for I 17

The I 10 / I 17 interchange

Wonder if this has ever been weighed?

Sagauro cactus along I 17 north of Phoenix

I 17 near Prescott

Exiting to AZ 260

Approaching Thousand Trails Verde Valley

Thousand Trails Verde Valley

Sun, 09 Nov: A quick run but a definite change in altitude (and temperature).

Today was a road day, albeit a short one. We went thru our check lists and got things ready for the road. It takes a bit longer when we've been at our "home base" at RoVer's Roost since we tend to just put stuff in the shed, which really needs to be in the coach. So, we need to ensure that what we need for the road is aboard.

Even with that Bob rolled wheels a few minutes after nine and we headed thru Casa Grande to Interstate 10 west. I 10 took us thru Phoenix to I 17, which we took north toward the northern "burbs". Once clear of the metro area we switched drivers and Sandi got the easy part...

I 17 starts climbing from 1,100' in Phoenix to a high of 4,700' as it passes thru the Agua Fria National Monument. It then descends to about 3,000' along the Verde River Valley. Carpe got to practice climbing and then descending. Have we mentioned lately how much we love our Cummins diesel and its compression brake?

Near Camp Verde we exited the Interstate and took Arizona 260 west for about eight miles to the Thousand Trails Verde Valley Preserve. This is our first stay at a Thousand Trails (TT) Preserve as TT members, so the experience was new to us. We made reservations via the internet and received confirmation paperwork. We do not yet have our TT card yet, but we showed the gate guard our confirmation and he got us checked in.

We learned that a TT reservation is more like a hunting license. You are reserving a spot, but not a specific spot. Thus, once thru the gate we were told to find a site that suited us and park on it. Then we filled out and submitted a form that indicated which spot we were occupying. If the electric box had a padlock it means it is 50 amps, which costs $3/nite extra. We opted for 30 amps.

And that's it. We'll be here for thirteen days and our total out of pocket for the stay is $0. That's right, zip, nada... Of course, we're still keenly aware of what we paid for the membership and our annual dues, so we won't say it is "free camping", merely "included".

Tue, 18 Nov: Still at Verde Valley Thousand Trails...

It's been more than a week since we arrived and settled in. To be honest, we've done very little of substance other than being retired, which is a full time endeavor for us.

We've been having an ongoing problem with one of our window valances, and we need a good, honest, and competent carpenter/woodworker/cabinet craftsman to make it right. Well, last week one appeared, right next to us.

The coach next to us had some counter tops replaced and the folks that did it pulled up in a complete mobile woodshop, complete with drills, routers, table saws, etc. Bob asked him to stop in the coach and we explained what we needed. He said he could do it, and he removed the valance and took it to his shop for repair. Sheet over the windows time.

Friday he returned with a beefed up valance and all the necessary mounting materials. In short order he had it back and it works just fine. It is probably the best crafted and installed feature in the coach. Yea!

Last Thursday we drove to nearby Jerome to meet Chris and Ron Mayer for lunch. We have known Ron since our days in Santa Ana circa seventies. We always enjoy getting together with this unpredictable (they bought a new RV since we last met this past spring) couple. Jerome is always an interesting and very, very touristy place.

Yesterday and this morning we attended seminars conducted by Chris and Jim Gould, better known as "Geeks On Tour". We last crossed paths with the Goulds in western Illinois this past June. We always enjoy talking shop with these two very tech-savvy folks.

We fully expect to continue "vegging" till we depart on Saturday. The weather has turned much cooler with overnite lows in the twenties. We've been asked to let the water taps drip so they won't freeze. We filled our internal fresh water tank, disconnected and stowed our fresh water hose for the duration.

Wake up this morning was 22°F. Time to head "downhill" to warmer climes?

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