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El Misti

Plaza de Armas, El Misti behind the cathedral.

Santa Catalina Convent, the Something Courtyard.

Santa Catalina, Orange Tree Courtyard.

Santa Catalina, a Street

Same street other direction.

Santa Catalina, another street.

Ahh, this one I know, Sevilla Street.

Santa Catalina, main courtyard.

Santa Ana lived here, looks like she spent her last 10 years...

Last one of Misti.

Nice city with great mountain and volcano views. Had to do the 3 day trek into the Colca Canyon, at 3km deep the second deepest in the world, the deepest is just up the road but as there is no road it's not such a tourist attraction. Actually I think Arequipa, jealous of Cusco's big tourist pull, has invented it's own tourist attractions, the canyon is very beautiful but I'm not sure it is actually a canyon, just a deep valley and as there are deeper valleys in the world that wouldn't draw the tourist dollar in as much. Passed on climbing El Misti volcano for the time being, I've done enough climbing lately, time to give my legs and lungs a rest and hit the beach.

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