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Whiskers Point Provincial Park

View from our back window

McLeod Lake is so gorgeous

Our campsite along McLeod Lake

Another view from our campsite

We walked to another viewpoint to see our campsite

The sunset was awesome - so golden - and then a fishing...

This is 10 o'clock at night and it's still light

Today we drove a short distance to McLeod Lake, and stayed at a Provincial Park called Whiskers Point. It had no utilities but we were right on a beautiful lake.

It was a little buggy (mosquitos) and there were extremely gooey seeds from cottonwood trees on ground. Once discovered, I tried to keep Gidget from walking around because her feet and legs were getting covered with them.

We walked around the park a little enjoying the lake and forest. After dinner we sat out for evening with a campfire and enjoyed a gorgeous golden sunset and several more hours of light sky. It's getting hard to go to bed at a decent hour with it staying light so late at night. Not looking forward to Alaska's long daylight hours.

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