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The beach at Nha Trang. Heh heh heh sweeeeeeeeeet

view right....

aaaaaand view lrft. The Sailing Club (and loungers) is just there on...

Yea I'm reading Nelson Mandellas book, what!?!?!?! I put it down about...

Em kicks back and relaxes. Cocktail pour favor!!!

Remeber safety first! Always wear a crash helmet when you sell candyfloss...

An island opposite our beach. Vinpearl is Vietnamese for Hollywood aparently. It...

Em's first cocktail of the evening.....

Some traditional Vietnamese dancers

Then some really tall 2 legged fluffy dragons turned up. Thanks christ...

Our Jagger Bomb. The evening gets a bit blurry from here!!

Em and Naffi with the schneeky drink. It tasted like pure wodka...

After the dancers and some singers, a couple of cool DJ's got...

(To the tune!) Ebony and Ivory stick together when they are, swe-e-ty

Em put some ice down my trousers here I think!!

Nice photo, except that's MY drink!!!!

And here we begin a selection of Em's usual drunk poses! Pose...

A very rare dandruff shot!! Only joking, that was dust from the...

The now world famous point with shocked face pose. And you can...

There were some real beauties out that night!

Me and a couple of mental Irish dudes. Sorry bearded mental Irish...

A chunky Mariah Carey lookey-likey kept on getting up on stage. In...

Someone lit a fart in the background!!

You can't keep a wierdy beardy down!!!!

So we arrived at about 7am this morning.

We got a cab to 'our hotel' to see if we could book in.

I say 'our hotel' as I only sent an e-mail trying to book a room here at 8.30pm the previous night and had no way of knowing if they had a) received my e-mail, and b) had any rooms available anyway!!

I don't think they did get my e-mail but luckily they had a room and we were allowed to check-in straight away.

We dumped our bags and headed off to find the beach.

It was literally about a 1-2 minute walk at the end of our road. And it was sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet man!!!

It was really beautiful and quite empty, but not as empty as you would think for 7.30am!!!

We chilled out down there for a bit and got chatting to a girl called Naffi (Iranian/German) and a bloke called Max (American).

They were cool and we decided to meet them later as the Sailing Club was having a special evening thing to celebrate Vietnamese Day, which was today aparently!!!

It started at 9pm so we all went back to our hotels to get cleaned up and headed on back out that evening.

Me and Em got to the Sailing Club at about 8.30pm when it was just starting to fill up.

The inside of the Sailing Club was amazing, like a proper 5 star something (we'd only seen the outside of it from the beach during the day), so we got a cocktail and found some seats to watch the show outside.

Ahhhhhhhh luxury (It cost us GBP 3.30 each to get in, bargain!!!)

We kicked back a few cocktails (which were quite pricey really - about GBP 3-4 (90,000 - 120,000 Dong)each and they didn't seem to last too long either!) and enjoyed the show.

By the time the dancers had finished and the singers had been on (and off and on and off again due to some technical difficulties!) everyone was up and dancing and having a proper party.

I noticed everyone had these plastic tubs of drink and investigated further.

They we're Vodka and RedBull and Orange, about 4 times the size of a normal cocktail, and cost 50,000 Dong!!(about GBP1.60). Sweeeeeeeeeet!!!

No more expensive cocktails for us then!!

They were like rocket fuel though and were leathal, but what a ride man!!!

Everyone had a really really cool night.

The DJ's were carted off at about 2.30am but somehow we didn't get to sleep till about 5am! A great first day in Nha Trang man!

Gotta love Vietnam Day baby!!


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