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Hi Friends,

The last two days I have been in the kitchen baking: peanut butter, chocolate chip, oatmaeal cookies; marble bundt, raisin bundt, apple crumble cake; Rice Krispie squares and blackberry cheesecake tarts! We packed all the goodies into a cooler and headed over to the mainland.

Since we are house/cat sitting we cannot be gone long so this will be a quick visit to take care of a couple of errands and attend a reunion of the 'Evers cousins' this Sunday. Of the 10 children (my mother & her siblings) one lived in Germany and the rest in Canada - more specifically the Vancouver area. While growing up the 13 cousins living in BC used to get together at Oma & Opa's house. In 1980 I moved to Alberta and basically lost track of the majority of my cousins. In 1987 Peter & I moved to Ontario and during that time there were a few reunions and I missed them all.....consequently it has been over 30 years since I last saw some of my cousins. Some I remember as children (not even teenagers yet) and now some are married with children of their own!

Due to Facebook a few of us have had the chance to find each other and re-unite in cyberspace! We have one cousin in Guatemala - he and his wife just had a new baby and they will not be able to attend. Another lives in Greece - she and her husband and daughter are in Vancouver for a 2 week visit and they will be here! One cousin has not been found and three others cannot attend due to prior commitments.

The cousins in Germany I have never met - with the exception of the oldest daughter - but she was around 2 and I was 1 so that doesn't count. Maybe one day Peter and I will take a trip to Germany and I will be able to meet the German family of cousins. Meanwhile, I can hardly wait to see everyone this Sunday. We have confirmed that 8 of us are attending - some with our spouses......

Hope you are doing well and we will chat again soon. Peter & Connie

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