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The sun coming up over the desert in Van Horn, Texas

Buddy needed some loving time with me in the passsenger seat

Here is the river that runs through San Angelo, Texas....typical of most...

I thought this house was a really cool place.

A blurry shot of San Antonio from the interstate....the Tower of the...

The expressway bridges of was a bumpy road

The colors on the neon sign at the top of this building...

California Trip -- Day 19

We woke up to a big surprise!!!

The desert campground got cold enough last night to freeze the water hose to the camper and the sewer hose. It took us forever to get them thawed and unhooked. We had to bring the water hose into the shower to thaw it to wind it up to put away and the sewer hose was like trying to thaw a Poop Icee Slush. Finally we hit the road.

We took our time driving today because there were really no sights that were urgent for us to see....besides it was New Year's Day and we found that many sights were closed for the day.

It was nice to see some of the same things on the way back home from a different perspective. When the warm sun shine started, it was a warm day.

We drove through San Antonio on a different route. We made it to Houston as the sun was going down and settled in to the campsite.

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