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Anil's Cousin Ravinder Kapoor And His Sister Maya



Not much to write about as I had a relapse once I finished off the antibiotics for the chest cold. Stayed in bed pretty much the whole six days we were in Delhi. The weather was unusually cold for the end of January - this seems to be something that is sweeping all over the Northern Hemisphere - China has had some of the worst snowfalls in 50 years and Canada is suffering under high winds and Arctic subzero temperatures. The temperature in our room never went higher that 14 C and we shivered even while wearing all our warmest clothes and socks.

Anil's brother Ajay, his wife, Neeta and their two children Tanuj and Dhriti all have jobs and are gone much of the day so we decided to move on to Nagpur to visit with Anil's sister, Manju who is retired. Her husband Kamal is still working, even as he approaches his seventieth birthday. Nagpur is located at the geographical center of India so is much warmer that the northern provinces. We knew we would be back in Delhi at the end of our time in India so no one minded too much that our visit was so short. It was just unfortunate that I was feeling so unwell.

We did manage to squeeze in a quick visit with Anil's cousin Ravinder. When we visited him in 2007, he was sick himself and we were pleased to find that he is doing much better and was able to climb the stairs to the roof terrace for some time in the sun. If was great to see Ravinder's sister Maya again - the photo I took shows how much they look like brother and sister.


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