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So I find myself in Nungwi, Zanzibar. 'Bout a hour and a half outside of Stone Town an d on the most Northern most tip of Zanzibar. First impressions were shit and as I walked around it didn't get that much better but as the day progressed and I had a beer and started to rap with a few folks things got better.

The first place I stopped in was Baobab nice place and if I was with somebody "Oh yea", but I'm not. But it hardly had anyone staying so I drove down a dirt road pass a heard of goats and pulled into another group of places and the when I asked how much, I wasn't going to stay there but I thought I'd ask, they talked real quick in swahili and then tried to get me for $50! It wasn't even on the beach. The first place was better, more secure and friendlier and they were going to let me have a better place for $35. That's the problem with people trying to get as much as they can for foreigners. They insult your intelligence by shooting high. Now I am at a place called Paradise with a room on the first floor looking at the ocean for $20, I still think it's 5 too much but whatever at this point.

The drive up from Stone town was interesting in one point, most of the island is full of shacks and shanty towns. Just like most island life most people live in shacks and dirt floors. Life may be tuff but the kids are still smiling and doing the things kids do. Is it that bad? So a cop pulled me over at one point and asked me where I came from and I said Stone Town, he meant where was I from! We got a chuckle out of that one. I guess he didn't believe that I was Tanzanian!

I don't know how long I am going to stay here because it's cool and all but, there really aren't enough people here to keep my attention. And it's almost all couples so thats mildly annoying/depressing. Oh yeah did I tell you that this is supposed to be the most happening beach on the island? Everybody say's next month during high season the joints jumping. . . that helps me a lot. Funny note though, I ran into a dude here who has been off the grid for awhile I think but he also did his DMT course through Buddha View but about 7 maybe 8 years ago. Small world eh?

So I have been itching to get to Egypt not only for itself but also because it brings me that much closer to home. Although I don't know what I am rushing home for anymore. There was a time that I had a reason to go home now it's diferent. I have to sort things out with my place in Philly, my dads best friend from childhood just passed away, I have to get my tax's sorted from last year and numerous other personal issues that I am not looking forward to nor that i care to get into in this forum (hence they're personal). Although if there is anything that traveling out of two bags teaches you is that yes life can be rather simple sometimes and not very complicated but then that only works if you keep moving doesn't it?

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