Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Diann's dog Cooper

Her African Parrot

Historic Maine House

Maine House as it looked in the 1800's. Still unchanged

Plaque from the Columbian Exposion in Chigago

Yes this is where the water is bottled

Looking from the third floor in Maine House

Looking down the three story staircase Maine House

All Soul Chapel

Beautiful stained glass

The original spring

Poland Spring Museum

Desert of Maine

Standing in the desert rain

Rainy dockside birthday dinner in Freeport ME

We left Dainn’s house after our wonderful full course breakfast and headed to the Poland Spring (bottled water) Museum. This is a long standing resort area known in the 1800’s for it’s pure water and huge hotel, golf and tennis etc. It was another playground of the rich. It still is a resort and two buildings of note were open. The Maine State building is the actual building built for the 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago totally from Maine products. It was moved to Poland Spring by the founder of the resort. This is a beautiful and unique structure housing many interesting artifacts and the Golf Hall of Fame of Maine. Across the street was All Soul Chapel another historic structure that is still in use for services and weddings. The skies were overcast with rain forecast and we headed to Freeport ME. We drove through the town where LL Bean’s Headquarters are to the Desert of Maine. An actual desert caused by poor farming techniques on land that was a huge lake with a sandy bottom in prehistoric times. We took a rain soaked guided tour and decided to camp in their campground. My birthday dinner was on Shirley as we headed to a recommended restaurant on the bay. Our dinners were excellent and we headed back to the camper. Then the rains really came. We got the storm that ran up the east coast earlier in the day. It poured all night and once again we smiled at the fact we were dry and not in a tent. Going to LL Bean today then further south, perhaps to New Hampshire. Enjoy the pics.

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