Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Capt'n Bob

Cat style sail boat

Lobster boat

Searsport harbor

Docks at low tide

View from Mt. Battie

You can see forever it seems

Even a better view from the tower

In for the night

We packed up early before the rain was scheduled to come and hit some on the road which was the first time we have seen rain while driving for a long time. We weren't in it for too long and that was good because our first stop was going to be an in and outdoors adventure. We took a two hour tour of the Penobscot Marine Museum in Searsport ME. This consisted of 12 buildings with people in most to tell you about them. At one point in time Searsport had more ship captains then all other US ports combined. There were great artifacts and pictures of the times as well as a number of wooden boats and displays. It was quite interesting. Next we headed to the port at Searport at dead low tide. The tides as you go further up the Atlantic Coast are drastic. We settled into a campsite at a state park in Camden which promised fantastic views. We drove to the top of a mountain in the park for breathtaking views on a clear day of the port of Camden and the surrounding islands. It seemed you could see for ever. It was great. Off to church soon. Enjoy the pics.

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