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My prime rib resting a bit before carving...

We did eat a bite before leaving for Mesquite, I don't remember...

Mom has been stabilized here and just moved to ICU, they let...


KenAnn clowning around with Mom...

Our handsome nephew Erik...

He's in the 8th grade this year & loves his football!

KenAnn with her favorite Uncle & Aunt! Well, that's our story anyway!

Mom & me...For just coming out of ICU, she looks pretty good...

Well, it's been a combination of hectic, scary and fun in the past few days! In my last post I shared our visit with Mom on the 23rd. Saturday the 24th we attended the early Christmas Eve service at church and returned home in time to make the final touches on my prime rib dinner. It was my first attempt at prime rib and I was a bit nervous about the results, but I must say, it was delicious. I roasted potatoes and prepared homemade blue cheese dressing for our lettuce wedge salads as well. We were just sitting down to dinner when we received a call that Mom was being taken to the hospital by ambulance!

We were so surprised, because she looked so well just the day before. She's been wearing a heart monitor for a couple of weeks now and was supposed to have it for a total of 30 days. They were hoping to see what the heck is going on with her irregular heart beat, cold body temp, dizziness etc. for the past several months. In addition to that, you might remember that I took her to a new kidney doctor less than two weeks ago and he started her on a new med to try & regulate her magnesium level. Low magnesium levels cause heart attack-like symptoms among other things & Mom is not holding it for some reason. So the new med from the kidney doctor was supposed to help with that. Unfortunately, her body stored it & she went into major distress when it reached 8.6. We've been told by her doctor that if it reached 9 or above, death is immanent. Oh my...fortunately, the heart monitoring service called three times until they reached Joyce to tell her to call 911, that Mom was in severe distress. Two ambulances arrived to transport her to the hospital. I have to tell one quick story. While they are racing to the hospital with lights going and siren blaring, the paramedic attempted to cut Mom's bra off. She's half comatose, gasping for air, but she managed to ask "what are you doing?" "This is an $18 bra and you are not cutting it in half!" Yep, that's my Mom! She also informed him that she was not going to die on Christmas Eve. He responded with "how old are you???" Not quite sure what that was all about, but he sure knew she had a lot of spunk left.

Anyway, her heart rate was down in the 20's when she arrived, but fortunately the doctor on call recognized her from when Dad was there last year and knew a bit of her history. He quickly determined she was having major distress due to the high potassium level in her body from the new med given to help with the low magnesium level. By the time Larry & I arrived they had made great progress in getting it out of her system. They moved her to ICU while we were there and after getting her settled let us visit for 5 minutes before sending us home for the night. She was reasonably comfortable and looked way better than we would have expected in such a short time. Bottom line, they have finally gotten her stabilized, at least for now, and she is home. They believe that she might have Addison's disease and will be testing for that today. It would be wonderful if they can finally get a correct diagnosis & treat it successfully. I'm sharing all of this info in case it may help save one of your loved one's life down the road.

We drove back to Mesquite yesterday to visit Mom & niece KenAnn & her son Erik. We had a nice day and it was good to see them again. They live in California and we don't get to see them near enough. Another niece, Tiffany, and her family were there the day before but had left earlier in the day for their return to San Diego, California. We were sorry we missed them, but were glad they came to see Mom and Joyce before heading back home from their Christmas in Ely with sister Lori. We arrived home about 10:30pm last night and hit the sack early. We were both exhausted! It's been a real roller coaster ride emotionally.

After determining that Mom was truly okay, we headed back home and enjoyed Christmas Day with the kids & Bonnie & Larry. But I'll share more on that next post. This one is long enough for now! Hope you all had a Merry Christmas with your loved one's. Would love to see some of your pictures, so send or email them to us if you don't have a blog!

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