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We were so impressed by the beautiful trees we saw as we wandered around the old part of Carson City, we decided to be more intentional about seeing more. Reno has an arboretum that was started by a philanthropist and is supported by many community members, judging by all the commemorative plaques and benches in every nook and cranny of the park. When we looked closer, we could see that many of the trees were supported by drip irrigation, which explains why we only see the brightly colored trees in residential areas or spots where someone is tending to them. The bright blue sky common in this part of the world, made the colors of the leaves appear more vivid and bright. We enjoyed our walk even more, knowing that a storm was coming this way.

Last night it hit, pretty much as forecast. It got so windy, we pulled in our bedroom slide so we wouldn't hear the flapping of the vinyl cover over the top. The motor home bobbed and bounced; it felt like we were at sea. It even rained for a while. When we got up, many of the beautiful trees in our campground were bare. Timing is everything.

But this day, about the coldest we have experienced since leaving home, was still enjoyable, because we met another listener to our RV Navigator podcast who lives in Sparks where we are camped. We joined her for lunch and she gave us lots of great suggestions for things to do and see once we leave this immediate area. We can see snow on the mountains nearby at the higher elevations, but the temperature is forecast to rise. We'll stay here one more day to give the snow in the passes a chance to melt and then we'll go back on the national park circuit.

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