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Carpe at "her spot" in RoVer's Roost

Domestic chores always need "doin"

We bought a gas grill to use at "The Roost"

Fri, 24 Oct: Homeward bound...

We slept in this morning, enjoying the quiet and cool of the desert morning. Despite a late start we finally got our act together and rolled wheels at half past nine. A quick ten minute run to the Quartzsite Pilot/Flying J to add 18 gallons of diesel. We might have had enough fuel to make it to our intended fuel stop, but why take the chance? Running a diesel engine dry can be an expensive proposition as the injectors need to be bled, etc., etc.

We left the Flying J at ten sharp and headed east on Interstate 10. Ninety miles later we left I 10 at Buckeye for US 85 south toward Gila Bend. US 85 is a nice divided federal highway that bypasses Phoenix to the west. It connects I 10 with I 8 and is a lifesaver. Phoenix is not our favorite town to drive thru any time of the day or any day of the week.

Gila Bend is about thirty miles south of Buckeye, and when we got there a bit before one we pulled into Holt Shell where diesel is always to be had at a good price (in this case, $3.399/gallon). They even have a dedicated RV lane with loads of room to maneuver. After adding 73.551 gallons to the tank (it would have been really close had we not added some in Quartzsite) we pulled into a parking area for lunch.

After cleaning our lunch dishes Sandi started the engine and we continued on our way at 1330. This was the final leg, a mere fifty miles, most of which was on I 8. We've commented often how much we enjoy driving on I 8, and today was no exception. Traffic was lite and the road in good condition.

We exited I 8 about 1420 and pulled up to RoVer's Roost's propane filling area at half past. Bob (the manager) added 16.7 gallons of LP to Carpe's internal tank, the first we'd filled it since leaving the Roost in April. Sandi then backed into our site and we were "at home" in no time at all. Today's run was 188 miles with an overall fuel usage of 8.1 mpg.

We're uncertain exactly how long we'll stay put this time, but we hope it won't be too long. While it is comfy to stay put for a bit, the "hitch itch" sets in pretty fast and we need to get that scratched.

Mon, 27 Oct: Thousand Trails membership purchase update...

As described in our Las Vegas listing we found an even better Thousand Trails membership for sale than the one that fell through. This morning we received a phone call from the seller advising that he had all the necessary transfer paperwork and was ready to finalize the sale.

Since he was located in Casa Grande we agreed to meet him this afternoon and get it done. We stopped at the bank and got the necessary cash and drove to his park model in an RV park on the north end of town. They are a very nice couple from Oregon who have decided to scale back their RVing, hence the sale.

We went thru all the paperwork and gave them their money. Back at the coach we completed the transfer paperwork, made necessary copies, and had the office send it to Thousand Trails via facsimile so they'd have it first thing tomorrow. We'll follow up by sending the originals via mail as per their requirements. The transfer process can take several weeks, so now we wait...

Wed, 05 Nov: Still here, but not for long...

We've been busy since returning to RoVer's Roost last week. The weather has finally cooled off enough for us to wash and partially wax the coach. We only had enough wax for about ⅔ of the coach, so we have to get more.

Monday we both had appointments at the Chandler Costco to have our hearing checked. Bob did OK but Sandi needs help (we all knew that, didn't we?). She got fitted for a pair of the Costco (Kirkland) digital aids and even got to walk around the store with a set of demos. She liked them. The aids will be in Friday so we'll drive back to Chandler Friday for set up and fitting.

Sat, 08 Nov: We bought more wax and finished waxing the sides and rear. The front is so full of bugs that it will require some TLC with bug remover and then a good clean and wax. Gotta have something on the "to-do" list, right?

Yesterday we drove to Chandler so Sandi could pick up her new hearing aids. These things are really something. So tiny and completely programmable to compensate for hearing loss. They even come with a remote! She's been wearing them for a day now and loves them, except to complain about how loud everything is.

Tomorrow we head north to Verde Valley Thousand Trails. That's right, our Thousand Trails membership is now active so we're going to give it a try.

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