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Wiki Info Phaistos

A regiment of 20 UK soldiers stayed in the hostel last night...nice fellows. They're stationed on Cyprus and for an exercise they were retracing the route of their same regiment during WW2 in 1941. In studying it they hope to discover the positives/negatives of the decisions made in retrospect.

We stored our packs at the hostel and took a bus to Phaistos archeological site and from there I hiked 6 km to/from Ayia Triada. Great hike (see photos), and downhill both ways! Of course, that was only half the distance each way, ha!

Wiki Info Ayia Triada

Back to Iraklion by slooow bus so to make out 6pm bus to Sitia we grabbed a taxi to the hostel just in case since we only had 45min. to pick up packs and walk to bus station...have to purchase tickets at least 10 min before bus departs (unless they are selling them on board). Made it aok...bus as usual left on time! Nice seeing the coastline during the golden hour, lots of tourist/beach places E. of Iraklion, looks quite trashy now with most everything but the very high end places close.

Once in Sitia a real nice gal who spoke English (coming to visit her boyfriend - she's from Athens) directed us down the right street towards hotels. Second one we visited had room for 3, single beds and trickle shower! Kid you not, the pressure was so low I couldn't use the shower head, had to use the faucet spout to get enough water to wash my hair! It was not hot or even warm, but tepid enough to get through it - even 'washed' /rinsed some clothes. Mariana Hotel just 2-3 blocks off the central plaza, nice lady greeted us and it was just $5 euro more than the REALLY basic hostel of last night in Iraklion. So trickle water with our own bathroom beats shared bath with 20 army guys!

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