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Our MAHOOSIVE room in Ho Chi Minh. Em dying slowly on the...

Em peering over her bunk on the 'Golden Train'

What she saw. That's enough to give you nightmares!!!

Yes that's what Em looks like when she gets excited!!

10pm time for beddybyes kids!!!

Em stretches her legs in the hallway

Ems legs!

Today was pretty much the same as yesterday - just hanging out trying to get better!

I did pop into town to send some stuff back home but that was about it really.

We were getting the 'Golden Train' at about 10pm tonight which travels through the night to arrive at Nha Trang at about 7am.

We enjoyed Ho Chi Minh (it was A LOT more civilised then the previous week!), just ashame Em got ill really.

Hopefully she'll be better when we get up the coast to Nah Trang.

We got a cab to the train station for 9pm just in case but it was all very simple and stress free when we got there.

We had a 4 birth cabin which was very pleasant. Me and Em had a bed each obviously and the other two were taken by a nice English man who we met at the station, and what seemed to be a moodly American chich in the other bunk!

Me and Em were excited as we set off (on time!) and were just wondering what we could do with our time (with 2 other people in the cabin!) when the stroppy girl closed all the curtains and turned the light off so she could get some sleep.

Right so reading or looking out of the window were out then! So ipod it is!!

Probably a good job we all got sent to bed at like 10.10pm as we were knackered but still I was drinking my freshly opened beer in the dark listening to Ricky Gervais and trying not to laugh for a good hour!!!

Have to say it was a pretty good nights sleep though.....


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