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Christchurch airport before we take off for Auckland.

Gareth at Christchurch airport. That boy needs a haircut!

Gareth and Helen at the airport - ready for Australia!

Helen at the airport! Check out the Quantas plane in the background!...

Helen's mum Lynda on the phone. "Mum! Got to go - I'm...

Christchurch airport.

After we take off... the Southern Alps in the distance as we...

The vastness of southern New Zealand.

New Zealand's South Island from the air.

A river meanders around a forest.

Crop circles?

A river cuts through the landscape.

The Southern Alps from 29,000 ft.

Nelson from the air.

Nelson and Abel Tasman National Park

Abel Tasman

The colours in the straits are beautiful.

The North Island.

Remember the volcano, Mount Egmont, that we tried to find? There it...

Mount Egmont breaks through the clouds.

Coming in to land at Auckland

Hi guys!

We can barely cope with excitement as we approach Australia. 24 hours from now we'll be in Melbourne!

In the mean time we're still in the thick of New Zealand. Today we covered over 200 miles across some of the finest countryside. Because it's so far from Dunedin to Christchurch (where we are now!) we couldn't stop at many places. We did manage a quick stop at a beach but there was not much going on there. So we didn't see any penguins today sadly and now we've run out of time. We've been told there are Penguins near Melbourne so we'll check that out.

Remember guys... It's pronounced "MELBUN"!

Don't want to look silly in front of the locals do we!!??

So we're staying at BASE backpackers tonight. Base is a huge chain of hostels in NZ and OZ. So far we're not that impressed, but we'll have to see.

You may not hear from us on the net for the next few days as we'll be trying to sort ourselves out in Oz. There's loads to do so you should hear from us eventually!

We think New Zealand is absolutely fantastic. It's very cheap, beautiful and a great place to be! We can not recommend it enough. Get yourself hear on Air New Zealand and... if you do ever go, make sure you get to both islands as they're completely different.

To give you an idea of prices, in Dunedin beer and spirits were about $2 - that's 75p. We're gutted that we're leaving, but at the same time we can't wait for Oz. Don't be suprised if turn up in NZ again in the future!


Tomorrow is a big day. We're flying from Christchurch at 11am (10pm UK time) and then we fly from Auckland at 4pm (3am UK time) and get to Melbourne at 6pm (which we think is 7am UK time... but not sure). From there we're staying at a backpacker in town.

So it's very exciting!


Hey! Gareth got a mail from someone called Gareth Jenkins! That's the second Gareth Jenkins he's met through the website!! Here's the mail...

"Seems I have a namesake with a similar love of travelling!

On a random time to kill wander through some remoter parts of the web, I ended up at your site. The pics of New Zealand look amazing... I'm aiming on heading off travelling with my girlfriend at some point in the next year or so too. It must be something about the name that imbues its owner with the travel bug!

Anyway, an email with absolutely no point really, other than to say

"Have fun!".

(Also > So you're the one who's also nabbed every garethjenkins domain

other than my garethjenkins.net one!!) :)

See ya

Gareth Jenkins"


Obviously I offered to buy .net off him ;-)


Gotta go.

Lots of love from Helen and Gareth x x x

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