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This was a very odd name for a road!

The next few photos are of the view of Mission Bay.

The RV Park was located on a piece of land surrounded on...

It was situated between two mobile home parks.




Hibiscus in someone's garden.


Looking south from the walkway to the Children's Pool, La Jolla

A seal outside the surf and a couple on the rocks.

Pelicans flying by.


Seal in the water

The surf was quite big that day.

Breakwater around the Children's Pool

The breakwater was closed due to high surf



Seals in the Children's Pool


Pacific Beach north of Mission Bay


Sheriff's Museum in Old Town San Diego - free admission!

CHP motorcycle

Sheriff's car


Church in Old Town State Historical Park

Main street - lots of interesting little shops.

Pechanga Hotel and Casino, Temecula CA

View from Maureen's computer at East Shore RV Park, San Dimas CA

Coffee at the picnic table overlooking Puddingstone Lake

Prickly pear

Frank G. Bonelli City Park down below us

Across the lake

Nice large sites

Wally Parks statue at the museum

Original Safety Safari

Beautiful old race car

Fender guitar display





The official end of Route 66 at the Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica beach

Pacific Park on Santa Monica Pier

Looking south from the Pier

Pacific Park amusements

Route 66 story

Entrance to Ronald Reagan Library and Museum

Air Force One

Presidential motorcade


Presidential helicopter

F-14 fighter jet

Mansions in Simi Valley


Part of the Berlin Wall

Reagan's burial site

Sunset on the way back from Simi Valley

Maureen's dream Mustang at the John Force Museum

Awards won by the John Force Racing teams

Elvis memorabilia

One of Ashley Force-Hood's cars

Cool paint


John, his wife and daughters

Antron Brown working on his top fuel car

Even the trucks bringing the cars are nice!

Two funny cars at the start

Happy hour!

Putting the car away for the night

Going up!

John Force signing Larry's hat

John Force

Even the golf carts are modified

Tiny dragster

Sunset Nov 11

Brandon Bernstein

Morgan Lucas

Bob Vandergriff Jr. working on his car

Hooking up a top fuel car to take to staging

Start line

Sunset Nov 12

Blimp overhead

See the blonde...?

She directs the car back to the start.

Robert Hight, another member of the John Force team

Bob Glidden, 66, until recently had the most Pro Stock wins in...

Cory Mac

Tony Schumacher

Sunset Nov 13

Skydiver during the opening ceremonies

Sadly the Americans do not sing their national anthem.

John Force after winning the championship

We arrived in San Diego the afternoon of November 1. The RV park is just pavement but the view is gorgeous. Right on Mission Bay which is a huge man-made bay with RV parks and beaches all around it.

November 2 we went to El Indio Mexican Restaurant for lunch. It was very authentic and the food was very good. The restaurant has been in business since 1940. We then went RV shopping for a few hours. We now have two kinds in mind that we like.

November 3 we went to see the Children's Pool in La Jolla (pronouced Lahoya). It was built in 1931 originally as a children's beach. As the years went on the harbour seals moved in. Now people and seals co-exist just fine. When it's hot and the people want to be on the beach, the seals want to be in the water. When it's overcast and cooler, the seals want to be on the beach. People not so much. There were 44 seals born here last year. People can watch the seals being born and also being nursed on the beach. The surf was quite big this day as well so there were lots of surfer dudes out. We had packed lunch so we ate it at a beach. We went to the Old Town Sheriff Museum and shopped at the Old Town State Historic Park. It was like being in Mexico except without the vendors being annoying.

November 4 the guys that were fixing our slide topper awnings brought them back all freshly stitched. They look great and will last forever. Next a man came from LaMesa RV to appraise what our coach might be valued at should we decide to trade it in. After lunch we wandered around looking for our next place to go - we checked out Chula Vista, San Ysidro and Coronado. Coronado is beautiful, some very old buildings. It looked like it used to be a summer place for the rich. Anyway we didn't see anything that was better than where we were so we just decided to head out the next day.

We ended up at Pechanga RV Resort at Temecula. It is the largest casino in California. It has a hotel, massive casino (4th largest in the US other than Vegas), 8 restaurants, a gas bar (with truck stop), and a 168 site RV Park! We were there for 3 nights. The wifi service was terrible so it was a bit frustrating. We spent the afternoon of the 7th at Giant RV. They really wanted to sell us this coach which wasn't quite right and they kept adding the things that we said we wanted. We just got a funny feeling about the place, like it might be ready to be going under, so we walked away. We headed to Pomona the next day.

We had ourselves booked to stay at the KOA right across from the race track. It has a shuttle to the track and we wouldn't have to pay for parking. However...we spent over three hours trying to get satellite signal! We found a site where we could get it but the lady wouldn't let us have the site. So we left. It may seem a bit odd when you're "camping" to care so much about your satellite. Since we live in our coach, we have shows pre-recording that we watch every night. There are also all the sports events that we would be unable to watch like watching the Vancouver Canucks beat the Toronto Maple Leafs, (sorry Maureen). Since we were going to be here for a week, it just wouldn't work. We looked up a park about 10 minutes away. They had a site so we went to check it out. Within a half hour, we were back with coach and hooked up to everything. Their WiFi is excellent too! Plus the view is a real bonus. What a gorgeous place. It's called East Shore RV park and is very near where CA57 and Interstate 10 meet. It is so quiet it is like an oasis amongst so much traffic. The area includes Lake Puddingstone (actually a reservoir), Frank G. Bonelli City Park (apparently good fishing in the lake), Mountain Meadows golf course and the RV park (it has 518 full hook-up sites).

We had tickets Monday night to the live taping of the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show in Hollywood. We just made it in time. It was fun and a real eye opener to the inner workings of a nightly live show. Adam Carolla and Neil Diamond were the guests and he sang a couple of songs as well. He still has it!

Tuesday we spent some hours looking at RV's. Also doing laundry.

Wednesday we started with the Wally Parks Drag Racing Museum. Then we went to Santa Monica Pier - about an hour's drive. The traffic is incredible and never-ending. But at least it moves. Every road seems to have six lanes. We saw some interesting drivers - one was reading some papers for work, one was texting, others were talking on their phones - but the one who wins the prize was the guy who had no hands on the wheel eating a container of yogurt with a spoon! We had lunch at the pier. Then we went to Simi Valley - another hour away from Santa Monica - to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum. They had his Air Force One Plane, Helicopter an F-14 Fighter Jet and his gravesite. Some beautiful views.

Thursday we went to Yorba Linda to see the John Force Racing headquarters and his store/museum. The museum is only open for a few hours during events. We didn't buy anything at the store this time although they had a really cool coffee maker in the shape of a helmet! Home for lunch then to the track. We toured the pits and Larry got some good signatures on his Jegs hat. We had a great conversation with one of the mechanics on Tony Pedregon's crew. It was going to be his last year this year, after six on the team. There has been some dissension in the ranks and the team's not working well together. He said he makes $600/week plus hotels, food, etc. and he gets 3% of the team's winnings. Then we watched some nitro qualifying. During one oil down, we went towards the pits and stopped for a beer. We were near John Force's encampment watching them put the cars away for the night when John Force himself walked out. Larry got an autograph and a very good photo with John.

Friday was more of the same, filling up the hat with signatures and watching the racing. You could actually hear the cars from inside our RV. They have strict noise curfews in Pomona - no car noise befor 8:00 am Thursday through Saturday (9:30 Sunday) plus no engine noise after 7 pm Thursday through Saturday or 6 pm Sunday. They just hope there aren't too many delays! About 8pm Friday night, Larry was looking out the bathroom window and thought he saw a black and white cat - turned out it was a skunk. Apparently they wander through quite a lot and if you don't bother them, they won't bother you!

Saturday was a lot warmer. Again most of the day was spent at the track. We met a nice father and son who were sitting in front of us. We shared one of Aaron's CD's with them.

Sunday the finals began at 11 am. We arrived about 9:30. There is handicapped parking at the track and there are supposed to be golf carts to drive you, but Sunday was actually the only day we saw a golf cart. So we were able to get a ride to and from the car. The opening ceremonies included a skydiver bringing the American flag down to the ground. It was a good day of racing with a nice breeze to take the edge off the heat. John Force won his 15th NHRA Funny Car World Championship in the second round of eliminations. This makes him the winningest funny car driver in the history of the NHRA. He also won the Funny Car Final as well today. Antron Brown won Top Fuel (we got a picture of him too and Larry also has his autograph as well).

All in all a good race weekend. On to Indio tomorrow!

Maureen & Larry

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