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Larry is dumping so I walked over to the campground's lake &...

And right by the dumpsite was parked 'The Larry', cute!

Boats resting on the Long Lake, boy was it ever, loved the...

It was so relaxing here, the temperature is cooling a bit, 68...

This is what I-95 looked like today, not too much traffic &...

We have arrived on the street where our new home will be...

We've arrived, just getting set up...

Nice sunset beginning, life is so good!!!

It's moving day. There was an 80% chance of rain for this morning, so we were pleasantly surprised when we woke to find gray skies but no drops. It rained off & on throughout the night, but other than our brief downpour at the Flume yesterday, it has been dry the entire time we have been in the last 3 states.

Got on the road by 10:30 this morning. A bit earlier than usual! We had to stop at the dump. This is our 3rd stop where we have had W/E only sites. Sure am glad we will have full service when we get to Maine this afternoon. It gets a bit tiring to have to watch our shower usage. We have 3 tanks on our Newmar. 42 gallon kitchen, 42 gallon black & 42 bathroom. The last is really the only one that becomes an issue by the 5th day. We could extend that by using the bathhouse's, but we chose not too. I just like using the one at home better!

It was an uneventful but pretty drive. In order to make better time we used the turnpike for a portion of our trip. The toll was $1.90 at the first booth for about a 2 mile stretch. The 2nd toll was $1.50 for many more miles! Go figure...anyway, it makes for a much faster, (though not nearly as scenic drive). Since we are traveling about 200 miles today, we just wanted to "get 'ER done!"

We are staying at the Pumpkin Patch RV resort. What a lovely place. We have a 50 x 75ft pull thru & are the end rig so we have no one on our left. Very nice & even though it is totally full here, it is quiet & clean. Passport America, 4 nights, $60.99. Very good. Guess there are lots of leaf-peepers here with us.

And, best of all, there is a bit of shopping available! It's been difficult to even locate a grocery store the past 10 days, let alone a Best Buy or Sam's Club. And, I needed to find a camera filter to replace my broken one. Which I did last night. So now my telephoto lens will be back in operation. Which is good as we plan to take a minimum of 3 driving tours in the next 5 days.

From mountaintops to "shore to shining shore" as my wonderful hubby said last night! I laughed so hard. Sometimes he is so cute! But a heck of a guy & he sure takes wonderful care of me (and Onyx too.)

I couldn't live without him. Well, wouldn't want to. Traveling with your best friend is, well, the best!

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