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Durians. durians, and more durians

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Bekenu - view of a kampung across the river

Bekenu - old shophouses

Miri - fishing boats at night


Leaving early to beat the heat and take it slow and easy on the knees we choose the coastal road (new road). The new road avoids the hills, but not the palm plantations. Along the way a miscommunication sends us down the wrong road making our early start a little late. Having breakfast at a roadside restaurant at the proper junction, we enjoyed watching the locals get excited about durians. Along the way we pass many durian stands, but only one selling wild durians, smaller and purple coloured they are not the ones sought after by the local durian connoisseurs. Trying some at the stand, gave me the idea to buy one. So, I rode back the 1.5 kms or so to buy 4 of them. My bike was swaying 4lbs heavier, already far too heavy on my tired knees, but what the hell. Wild durians taste like Avocat from the Netherlands, same colour too. Even Agnes liked the wild ones.

Stopping in Bekenu for lunch was enjoyable . People seemed friendly and the town still had rows of old Chinese shop houses along the nearby river. After lunch we carried on as we had planned to have dinner with a French couple that we met at Niah Caves National Park. Arriving in Miri with Agnes' knee feeling really crummy, we happily put the bikes away for a while.

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